Chicago Gem (n.) – places in Chicago that people may not know about and/or don’t appear on any of Chicago’s “Top Things To Do” lists but are super cool, fun and make me feel like a true Chicagoian

I discovered this Chicago Gem last week when my friend and I wanted to do something low-key and not too expensive.

[Completely unrelated side note: This is the second post in a row I’ve talked about friends, Chicago friends.  I have real friends here! It’s so exciting!!!!!]

Like I was saying, The Vic Theatre is an old vaudeville house built in 1912.  So cool right?  And now Thursday – Saturday it serves as a concert venue and Sunday – Wednesday it shows movies.

On movie nights it’s called “the Brew & View” because it has a bar so you can drink and watch movies at the same time.  The movies are a mix of old and just released on DVD.  For instance when I went last Wednesday, Shark Night, CrazyStupidLove and Young Frankenstein was showing.

But here is the best part:  you pay $5 and you can see all three or just one or two, your choice (and it depends on when you show up).  All I’m saying is, I’ve never found a theater in Tallahassee or Orlando that could beat that deal.